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Automatic Wash

Introducing the
SoftGloss MAXX --
cut through dirt without scratching the surface.


Self-Serve Car Wash

Suds up cars/trucks/ATVs in one of our 2 10'x 10' Wash bays or
take care of your XL items
in our 12'x 14' Wash bay

Dog Wash

Turn doggy bath time into an enjoyable experience
for you and your pup

Car Wash

Automatic Wash

Take pride in your ride and let our soft, yet
powerful five-brus
h car wash clean your vehicle.

   Easy pay at our drive up kiosk using:

  • Cash   (Quarters, Dollar Coins, Bills-- $1, $5, $10 & $20)

  • Credit

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Gift Certificates 

Pull your vehicle into the bay, put it in park,
and let the SoftGloss Maxx put on an exciting show. 

Self-Serve Car Wash

Cars, Vans & Trucks to Campers, Boats & ATVs --
Give them all a little TLC in one of our Self-Serve Wash Bays.

Easy pay:

  • Quarters

  • Credit Card (You must hit stop button on card Scanner to END charges.)

Use one of our 2 smaller bays for standard size vehicles or our Tall bay for them big-boy-Campers, Boats and Semi Cabs. 

Dog Wash

Dog Wash

Our PUPS get STINKY quick. Whether its romping through the mud or getting skunked or just natural occurring odors at some point your dog will need a wash.  Our Dog washing station takes the hassle out and puts the fun back in bath time.

For only $10 bring Rover on over for a wash up. 
Our Machine takes $1, $5 & $10 or Credit Cards.
Follow the posted steps and in no time, your doggy will smell lovely.

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