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About Us

Locals, Earlene & Matt Eichorne, opened Chasin' Cars Car and Dog Wash and Store in May of 2022.  

Contact Info

700 Edna Street    Roscommon, MI 48653 



Frequently Asked Questions

What shampoo and product is used in an Evolution Dog Wash? The products are specially formulated for the Evolution Dog Wash, and are gentle, effective and cruelty free. It is made with naturally derived ingredients and is paraben free, dye free, and designed to be safe and beneficial for pets with a long lasting fresh scent.

How often do I need a Car Wash? Washing your vehicle should be a regular occurrence in your vehicle’s maintenance. Dirt roads and salted streets might make it necessary to wash your vehicle more frequently than driving on dry ones. In general, you should aim at washing your car once a week or at least every other week to adequately keep rust at bay and maintain your paint.

What types of vehicles can go through the automatic car wash? Most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs up to 84 inches high and with 4 inches of ground clearance can go through an automatic car wash. Here are our specs: Maximum Vehicle Height: 84” Maximum Vehicle Width (Body): 99” Maximum Vehicle Width (Tire to Tire): 80” Maximum Vehicle Length (with 2′ Track Extension): 19′ (21′)”

Can I use my own dog shampoo and products in the machine? If your pet requires a special medical shampoo, they may bring their own product to wash their pet and only use the rinse cycle and disinfectant at the end. Do not use disinfectant on animals.

How do I keep my dog in the Evolution Dog Wash? There are tethers on either side of the Evolution Dog Wash. Also, the sides are high enough that most small and average size dogs won’t try to jump out

Can I take my pickup truck through the automatic Car Wash? Yes. Your pickup truck is fine to go through the car wash if the bed is empty. It is worth noting, however, extended side mirrors need to be folded in. NO DUAL WHEELED VEHICLES can use the automated wash. Some modified trucks, or those with oversized tires, might not work either.

What about my vehicle accessories in the automatic Car Wash? Aftermarket accessories may go through an automatic wash unharmed. But they are not guaranteed. Damage could occur, especially if the component was previously damaged or compromised by stress cracks around the mounting points or rock chips. Bug Shields, Power Antennas, Luggage Racks, Loose Chrome, Wipers, Glued Spoilers and Non-Factory Installed Items Are NOT Guaranteed.

Can I leave my Hitch on? No. We ask that you remove your Hitch. A car wash will not damage a trailer hitch, but the hitch could prevent the wash equipment from working as effectively as it should around that area. Any hitch plug left in place could be damaged or come loose in the wash.

Does it matter if my windshield is cracked? It is always best to have a chipped windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible. But a vehicle with a chipped or cracked windshield can go through an automatic car wash. Understand, however, that while it might be okay to drive through, changes in temperature can cause a chip or crack to expand. Your windshield might not look the same on the way out as when it went in.

Is the automated car wash safe for a convertible? Yes if the top is up and properly latched. Don’t roll your windows down to touch the pretty soap either.

Do eggs and other contaminants come off in the wash? When it comes to certain substances that soil your car, an automatic car wash may or may not clean up the mess. For instance, egg on your vehicle will wash off if you take care of it straight away. But egg quickly becomes corrosive, and damage begins almost immediately. If you let the egg sit on the surface for any length of time, it will eat into the paint. Bug Splatter: If you catch it quickly, it can be cleaned off in the car wash. There is no guarantee, however, that it will disappear completely.

Can I wash my car during extreme weather conditions? It's generally best to avoid washing your car during extreme weather, such as thunder storms or heavy snow fall. Extreme conditions can hinder the effectiveness of the car wash and may cause damage to your vehicle's finish.

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