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 700 Edna Street


Just EAST of Higgins Lake

Dusty car?
Muddy truck?
RV or boat full of muck?
Let Chasin'
remove the guck.

Car Wash OPEN 24/7


Stinky Pup?
Suds 'em up

Dog Wash OPEN
8 am - 8 pm

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Fantastic cleaning of my vehicle!
I like the spinning brushes that aren't typical brushes. These don't hold dirt that could scratch your vehicle. I always get out and towel dry my vehicle. There is never any dirt transferred onto my towel. This car wash really does a great job and removes all dirt! Appreciate this business! Thanks!

Tammy Pate

After using it today, we have concluded that the dog wash station is a welcome addition to our town! Well worth the $10 to save our backs from scrubbing the dog while hunched over the bathtub. They have shampoo and a good flow of water dispensed through the nozzle...don't have to clean up the mess in our bathroom afterward. We hope that others make use of this service so that it stays as an option.

Michelle Ewald

I would
HIGHLY recommend
using this
Car wash and Dog wash!

We were so impressed!
Owned by locals too!
Can't get better than that.


Kate Otwell

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